Saint george and the dragon


 Saint George was a christian who was kidnapped by an enchanter when he was born. The enchanter raised him, gave him armor, then he set out . He came across a dragon who had kidnapped a princess and was going to eat her. He slayed the dragon and saved the princess, and in return, the whole kingdom converted to Christianity and saint george married the princess. They later proclaimed george a saint.


The dragon illustrated in the picture above is dark green with two wings, two hands with claws, two legs and a tail. A typical european dragon.

Laidly worm


The story begins when the queen gave birth. the queen had a daughter and a son. The son went awayto find stuff, the queen died and the king remarried. Their new stepmother was a evil witch that change the princess into a lindworm. The spell would only reverse if she was kissed three times by the son. Many years later, their stepmother died, and  the prince went out and found the laidly worm. When he found the laidly worm, she asked him to kissed her three times. The prince reconised the voice and did as she said. The princess reverted to her human form and went back to the palace and lived hapily every after.


The Lindworm was a wyvern, which means it had a tail, two legs and two wings with no hands. The wyvern illustrated above Is brown in colour with red wings, and sharp claws and teeth.

My origami dragon.

By Josh


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