What happened in the Churches of Medievil Times (this will blow your brains out). Ryan Wilson

The people in the Medievel Churches (which includes people like the village peasants and the towns people) beleived in God, Heaven and Hell all existed which is the same for us today, but they also beleived that if you wanted to go to heavan you had to get a yes from the  Roman Catholic Church.

The peasants worked for free at the Church. This was a little bit hard on them because they needed to be doing a job that has some sort of pay because they really needed to support there family and bring food on the table each day, and of course the Church had total control over everyone because the was only one bible in the whole Church. So they could be saying anything and say that was from the bible and the people would beleive them because everyone didn’t know the truth.

10% of  the peoples earnings were paid to the Church, they would eithere give money or they would give there goods, these were called Tithes and we still do this up to this day, but we only give money. The peasants were so poor they would give whatever they had like seeds, animals and harvested grain. This was a big thing for the peasants because they relied on the seeds to feed there family for the following year. If the people didn’t pay up for Tithes the Church told them that there  souls are going to hell after they died.  So they would give there money so they wont face the consequences. Thats why the Church was so wealthy.

Another thing they had to pay for was the Babtism. If you weren’t Babtised you couldn’t go to heaven. When or if you were married you were never allowed to live together because the Church calls this a sin. If you wanted to be buried the you had to be buried in the holy land otherwise you will not go to heaven. And again the Church made money.

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