Richard the Lionheart’s early life

Richard the Lionheart:

Richard 1, or more widely known as Richard the Lionheart was 1 of the great military leaders in the third crusade. Richard was born on the 8th of September 1157, in Oxford England. His father was King Henry the 2nd and his mother was Eleanor of Aquitaine. He had 3 brothers: Henry the Young King, Geoffrey and John. He was his mother’s favourite son and lived with her in France. Richard was an educated man, and was able to compose poetry, liked military activity and was a tall man. He had skill in politics and military and was chivalrous, courageous and strong leader, able to control restless nobles in his area.  Here is a picture:

In 1173, Richard, Geoffrey and Henry Jnr revolted against their father in 1173. They were all defeated and begged their father for pardon, which he gave them. Richard then started stopping revolts by unruly nobles in his territory. Because of his heavy-handedness in settling these matters, Gascony sparked a major revolt. After that, Richard was known as a rapist and a murderer.

After a few years, Geoffrey and Henry died, leaving Richard the throne, which he took. His main goal when he was crowned, was to join in  the crusades. So, in 1190, he sailed for the Holy land to meet his soon-to-be greatest rival, Saladin.

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