Richard vs Saladin in the 3rd crusade

After the capture of Acre-the port city- by King Richard 1 and King Philip, Philip returns home, while Richard goes south to Jaffa. The crusaders march along the coast, where they are cooled by the sea breeze, and ships can supply them weapons and food. Even so, they are very hot, tired and constantly plagued by tarantulas. Saladin constantly harried their ranks, causing minor skirmishes now and again, but the crusaders stayed in their ranks and Saladin’s strategy failed for the moment.

Later, at an area called Arsuf, one of Richard’s men snapped. He and another knight charged the enemy, prompting an entire line to follow in their lead. Their charge surprised the Muslims driving their right flank back. Richard took the opportunity, sending the Templars to attack their left flank, followed by the Britons and the Angevins. The charge was successful, pushing the front line of the Muslims back.

While the mentioned parts of the army held the Muslims back, Richard got his supplies to a  safe place and set up camp. Then, he led a Norman-English knight charge, scattering Saladin’s army all over the hills due to their ferocity. Saladin suffered 7000 deaths that day, including 32 emirs (High ranking leaders). He continued to harass Richard for a time, but then withdrew to recuperate.

After the battle of Arsuf, Richard decided that his men were tired and needed a rest, so he marched to Jaffa (a crusader controlled town which he wanted to use as a base) and spent a few months fortifying it. In November, Saladin sent half of his army back home to rest during winter, Richard saw this as an opportunity to march on Jerusalem, but was repulsed because of very bad weather. That, and Saladin had a second army come up from Egypt.

Richard then moved to Ascalon, and rebuilt the crusader defenses which Saladin had torn down for 4 months, until crusader vendettas started popping up and French knights started leaving Richard because King Philip had lost interest. Back home, King Philip was attacking his land and Richard’s brother, John, was using his power to do whatever he wanted. Saladin, meanwhile, had problems of his own because of a familial rebellion.

On June the 7th, 11 92, Richard marched on Jerusalem, where he met Saladin’s massive army. They had minor conflicts over the weeks, but Richard didn’t have enought soldiers to put seige on Jerusalem, so he withdrew on July the 4th. Because of the many conflicts back home, he went back to Jaffa and asked Saladin for a truce. While they were still negotiating, he moved back to Acre, wanting to get back to England as soon as possible.

Saladin took this advantage and attacked Jaffa, conquering it and slaughtering whoever they could. His troops started devouring the town supplies, but Saladin pulled them back into form. Richard, angered at this assault charged back into Jaffa, taking the Muslims by surprise and driving them miles away from the city.

For a while, the 2 sides debated on a truce, but then Saladin attacked Jaffa again, which was unsuccessful because of Richard’s fantastic maneuvers with his 2052 men against 7 waves of 1000. Saladin retreated to Jerusalem, and Richard fell ill with a fever, where the gracious Saladin sent him snow and fresh fruits.

Finally, on September 2nd 1192, the 2 leaders signed the final treaty. Christians were allowed to visit the holy land without being attacked, and the Christians could keep the cities they already owned, with the exception of Ascalon, which was returned to Saladin.

Richard sailed for home, and after being kept prisoner by the Duke of Austria for insulting him, he arrived in England on April 1194, dying on 6th of April, 1999, on a battlefield in France. Saladin died on Friday 19th of February, 1193, due to a fever. He died, surrounded by a loving family, smiling through his death.

Thus ends the story of Richard the lionheart and Sala-ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub, and the Third Crusade.

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