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The ‘black death’ also known as the Bubonic Plague spread through most of Europe in 6 months killing 25 million people within 4 years. This plague was deadly and catching it would lead to death within a few days. The plague was easily caught within the neighbourhood, and through the town. Leaving many people with the symptoms of the plague:

1.            Victims feels pain and fever.

2.            Victim feels tired and weak, but finds it difficult to sleep.

3.            Body temperature increases.

4.            Victim feels giddy, appears dazed – and begins to talk wildly.

5.            Swollen glands appear in groin, armpit or neck – called Buboes.

6.            Bleeding under the skin causes blue black or purple blotches.

7.            Red rash with small red spots appears on Buboes.

8.            Then between 4-7 days DEATH.

If the plague reached a house and the family was f ound contaminated. The door would then be painted with a big red cross, to
show the town not to go into their house. A guard would also stand outside the door to guard the people from going outside, to make sure the disease wouldn’t spread.

There are many ways of preventing this plague. Most people in the town would have been poor or wouldn’t have had the money to pay doctors, so they relied on wise women. These women would try a number of different strategies to try and help patients recover or prevent receiving this terrible plague. They would mostly wear long dresses that would touch the ground, with some sort of hat.

If you were lucky and grew up in a wealth family or were family friends with the ‘Lord’ you could have payed more money for ‘the plague doctor’. This doctor was known to help people with the sickness. They would wear a long coat that touches the ground, a hat that covered their face and a long ‘beak’ helmet. They believed the length of the beak would keep the plague away from them when helping a patient. They would also put spices or sweet smelling materials into the beak so that the smell of the plague wouldn’t come in contact with them. Materials such as; amber, balm-mint leaves, camphor, cloves, laudanum, myrrh, or rose

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