Basics of Robinhood, Werewolves and Rangers

Robin Hood

There are many different versions of the Robin Hood story,
some start off as Robin being a yeoman, but later versions he became an
aristocrat who was wronged by a sheriff. In some stories he is a peasant or

Robin Hood and his merry men wore Lincoln green clothes, and
the origin of the tale of Robin Hood is rumoured/ claimed to have originiated
from real outlaws and criminals.

The original story is commonly known as Robin Hood and his
merry men, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Also Robin Hood was
also said to be a very skilled archer, even better than anyone in that era.


Werewolves are portrayed differently in many different tales
and legends. Werewolves are also known as a ‘Wolf Man’ or a ‘Lycanthrope’.
Werewolves are known to become wolves by using practises of the dark arts (by
committing and practising rituals.), or rather known as shapshifters. The
wolves are also created by being bitten by another werewolf, or being placed
under a curse. Sometimes the bit and the curse are integrated into one.

Werewolves are said to be either in the form of a very
powerful wolf or a half-man, half-beast form. The modern day tales and legends
are often told as a person being bitten by a werewolf, and then (with no cure
available) turning into a werewolf, which is portrayed as a very painful
transformation, and when they came up they would then again turn into a human
again, only to turn into a werewolf every full moon.

Also, it was said that a slain werewolf should be cremated
after it’s death, not buried, because they believed that the werewolf (if not
cremated) would rise again as a vampire, who would skulk around the
battlefields as a wolf or a hyena and drink the blood of dying soldiers.


Rangers are said to be masters of the bow and arrow, and
still very skilful with a blade or dagger. They were also claimed to be masters
of camouflage, due to their green clothes. They wore a green shirt with a green
tunic over the top, with a leather belt over the tunic and shirt, which was
fitted with sheathes for their swords or daggers, they wore dark pants with
fine brown leather boots, they wore bracers on their arms (sometimes they would
just have one) which acted as an arm guard which was used to protect the
archer’s arms from the bow string slapping their arm and most importantly they
wore a green cloak.


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