The Church and It’s Influence – Joseph Chang

In the Middle Ages, the dominating religion was Christianity. However, it was not the Christianity as we know today, instead, it was the church’s interpretation of the laws and teachings of Jesus, passed on from the Roman Empire. As it was, the church had superstitious beliefs, beliefs which we would consider nonsense today. Such as, you could purify yourself of sin before you died by the fires of purgatory, which is torturing yourself with fire. Another similar belief was giving money to the church as well as repenting to clear away your sins. The Church held more influence than kings or queens. That was the church in the Middle Ages was the gateway to heaven or hell. The Church told people the horrors of hell and because it was so evil and frightening, the people wanted to be ensured a place in heaven, thus they gave offerings and obeyed the teachings. Because of the offerings and the tithes that the people had to give to the Church, the Church was very wealthy. And unlike the people, the Church didn’t have to pay taxes thus they were richer than many kings and queens. Cathedrals are an example of their wealth.

As you can see in the diorama, this is a Cathedral in construction. Many people worked on Cathedral because of their wealth. Because of their wealth, many people worked on the Cathedrals, as they were their grandest buildings.

Diorama of a Cathedral in construction