life of a squire

Life of a squire

 You would be about 14 years old when
you became a squire.

The duty of a squire was to learn

  • Chivalry
  • The rules of heraldry
  • Practise the use of weapons and skills of a knight
  • Horsemanship

It was also there job to enter the
life of the castle and learn…

  • Jousting
  • Music
  • Etiquette
  • Dancing

A Squire would serve for about 7
years and would become a Knight at the age of 21, sometimes they would become a
knight earlier for bravery in the battle.



The Knights practised their knightly skills
at the tournaments of the Middle Ages.
different types  of combat were practised
at the tournaments including jousting, archery and hand to hand combat using
swords and other weapons.
were different types of Tournaments,

  • Jousting
    of days, an elimination tournament over several of days.
  • Melee a pied Tournament, a tournament
    that knights fight on foot.
  • Melee a pied Tournament, a tournament
    that knights fight on horseback.



On your way to becoming a knight (Squire)

becoming a knight you had to be a page and then a squire. Being a squire was a
hard job, you had to do all the things that the knight needed you to do.

The squire
had many jobs to do such as dressing the knight for battles or tournaments,

keeping his armour clean and looking after the pages.

A squire had
to be skilled in handling armour and weapons