The Witch Hunt


If your crops were not growing, children had died, or if you
were sick. You would accuse someone of being a witch. They were said to have obeyed the Devil and were extremely feared. witches were recognised as people
who had a physical disability, lived alone or had a weird habit. Within the
early years of 1450 and 1750 there were about 110 000 witch trials. The witches
were especially hated by the Christians and the church. Their reasons were they
said to worship Satan, bring harm to the society and cast spells. It was the
Christians who started the campaign to get rid of the witches! This BIG hunt
went on for 75 years! When the so called witches were caught they were tortured
to confess or killed. An example is Joan of Arc who was believed to be chosen
by God to lead the French to victory. She was captured and accused of witchcraft.
Because of this she was burned. If you were accused as a witch, you would sometimes even killed straight away. In other situations they would test you. 1. Way they would test you was to drown you in water if you floated and lived you were a witch, if you drowned you were proved innocent. BUT DEAD! It is disappointing that so many people died while being accused as witch’s. Did you know that Villages had been completely wiped out by witch hunters. It was not just the women who were accused of being “witches”. Men were accused about 5% of the time, this means that women were at the top 95% of people being accused.  Women were seen as easier targets for the devil and they said to fall easier to temptation. So it was mainly women who were accused of having “magic” with them. If you were a really nice women you could still be considered a witch. Another reason this happened is due to people accusing other people of worshiping satan. Many people literally guesed where you were and where you might have been. This is how many people were accused of being with’s in those days.

Ryan Moran 8C