The Magna Carta

The Magna Carta

Q1 When was the Magna Carta signed?

In 1215, King John was forced by his barons to sign a document called the Magna Carta. King John made an oath to call up all of his lords by formal name (to discuss important areas) and to have the lower class citizens chosen to have similar meetings in specific communities.

When the meetings were held with the commoners and lords, people referred to them as ‘parliaments’ in 1236. When the meetings were held they usually discussed the Kings need for extra taxes. In this time the King still had the power to have the final say.

Q2 what is a Magna Carta and who was involved in the signing of the Magna Carta?

What is a Magna Carta?

i The Magna Carta is a very important piece of England’s history. It is a document that King John (1166-1216) was forced to sign it in 1215. He was forced to sign it because it meant that as the King, he would have a lot less power. It allowed the forming of a very powerful and strong parliament. The Magna was the beginning of all English citizens’ rights.

ii Who was involved in the signing of the document the Magna Carta? The Magna Carta was officially signed in the year June 1215 with the barons of England and King John. The Magna Carta was one of the most important documents of England’s history.

It was said that it was signed near a place called Windsor Castle during medieval England.

Who introduced the common law and what were the new ideas of the common law that was initiated?

Who introduced the common law?

In 1154 Henry11 King of England introduced the common law. He sent judges from his court to hear the citizens problems around the entire country.

What were the new ideas of the common law that were initiated?

One new idea was  to send the King Henrys judges around the country and listen to the citizens problems then the judges would help resolve the problem , then come back to London and tell the other judges there decisions and then it would be recorded. So in future references if they come across another situation that is similar they can judge by what they said.

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