My Cathedral project – Isaiah S.

Why did the medieval people build such fantastic structures?

The medieval cathedrals were such fantastic structures because it was a community effort to build such amazing structures. People believe that if you helped build the cathedrals your sins would be wiped away.

What purposes did cathedrals serve?

To a Christian, a Cathedral meant a lot. A Christian could just go there and worship god. The Bishop lived there. Christian could also receive communion there.

How were Cathedrals constructed?

Building cathedrals was a hard task. Supplies costed heaps and it would take over 700 years to build. Maybe even more. Cathedrals were usually built in the shape of a cross. They had high arches and tall celling’s. Only skilled craftsmen were allowed to work on cathedrals. Some craftsmen would spend their whole lives building Cathedrals.

How did the design of cathedrals change over time?

Building a cathedral would take heaps of money. After tax, The people started to build stone constructions. It was easy and affordable.

What was the difference between a church and a cathedral?

The main difference between a church and a cathedral is that a church can worship any religion and a cathedral is set on 1 specific religion. another reason is that the bishop lived and ran the cathedral unlike a church where the bishop does not live.