Castle design and how castles changed over time

Medieval castles in Europe were built over a time of 500 years, from about 1050A.D to about 1550A.D. They were built so good that you can see some of the castles today. Most castles were stone so they would not burn down or get destroyed easily. The first thing they needed to do when they would build a castle was where to build it. They would try and build it on a hard flat surface. The walls of castles could be up to five metres thick, filled with stones and pieces of metal mixed with sand and water. Castles were sometimes built around a lake or on a small island so people couldn’t destroy the castles as easily, but that wasn’t till about the 13th century. Early castles were usually built with wood with spikes on the end of them pointing towards the enemy’s.

Why did stone castles replace the motte and bailey castles

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Timber is one of the materials from which motte and bailey castles were built. It was perishable and most importantly exposed to fire, but what would have been a more durable and resistant method would have been stone. Compared to motte and bailey castles, stone castles were much larger and taller. They were also much more reliable for when being attacked. They gave much better protection then motte and bailey castles when there was fire rainy weather or being attacked.

What differences are there between European castles and Japanese castles

Europe Didn’t have restrictions on how many castles one person could have, but under Japanese rules, Japanese people were only allowed to have one castle. The Europeans would have catapults that they used to fling small rocks and heads at enemies, whereas the Japanese had muskets, but both Japanese and Europeans both had bows and arrows. Early on, castles were only temporary fortresses that the Japanese only used at war, but the Europeans always used castles, during a war or not. But castles in Europe were much better when being under attacked then the Japanese were.

Why were castles built

The word castle in Latin means fortress. A castle was usually a couple of walls or towers built closely together. Castles were mainly built to protect a village from froing invaders attacking. There were also built for the kings and nobles to live. Defiantly  the main reason for castles being built were that it’s much easier to defend, plus it’s easier to fight up high on top of a castle then fighting on foot.

Who built the first castle

The first castle built in the time period of castles in the middle ages (1050A.D to 1550A.D.) was William the Conqueror from Normandy  in 1066A.D. the castle that William the Conqueror built was called Windsor Castle. William the Conqueror built nine castles in his life time. Castles usually took about 7 to 12 years to build, depending on how big the castle would be; if it would be bigger it would take 20 years. (for example the Tower of London)

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