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How long it took to build a castle!

The average time it would have taken to build a medieval castle was around 10-12 years. This was probably due to the lack of technology, building materials and experience. Over the time periods castles can be built a lot faster and a solid well built castle can be built in around 2 years. The castles we build now are a lot faster because we have “upgraded” and we also have better transportation: We can use any type of transportation to deliver and receive these materials, but in the medieval times it would have been hard to deliver the materials needed to build them. The Castles would also be in very wonderful landscapes so getting materials to these positions could be hard.

Life in a Castle

What a castle provided:

A medieval castle provided refuge, a stronghold. When a castle was not getting attacked, it would have been an office, an administrative center, a home, a storehouse and a market. But when the war was raging on, The Castle became a powerful fortress.

How the castles looked:

The Castles would have been luxurious compared to the plan boring houses the villagers lived in. The castles where still very dull and boring though with their small rooms only lighted by the narrow windows, heated by only the fireplaces and was provided with very little furniture. Towards the close of the feudal period, the life in the castle became more luxurious; Windows were widened and provided with panes of painted glass.


The life within a castle was very dull. But there were some games to play, especially chess. As the lords and retainers sat down to feast, they watched the pranks of a professional jester or listened to the songs and music of minstrels. Outside the castle walls, a usual sport to do was hunting.

Who lived in the Castle:

Only a few people lived in the medieval castles, the kings and queens would prefer not to live in the castles as they were over crowded and un-comfortable. The main people who lived in the castles were Kings, Queens, Knights, Baron, Princes, Princesses, bishops, Watchman, Squire, Cooks Messengers, Jester and slave. Sometimes there might be a blacksmith and an armory in the yard.

When and Why Castles came into use in Europe!

The castles were first introduced in Europe (1066) by William the conqueror of Normandy. These castles came into use in Europe because a large fortification would have been needed to stop the attacks of the enemy. These castles stoped coming into use when the “Gun Powder” started to come into use. These castles could also show the power of the Lord/King to all of the peasants and show them all how much power he has.

These  huge fortifications stored a lot of food in case if one enemy attacked they could spend sometime in the castle with a larg amount of food to keep them well fed.

Who Built The First Castle?

The first castle built on record was William the Conqueror of Normandy in 1066 after he won the battle of Hastings. They first appeared as wood but later they invented them into more soiled forms out of stones. Later they also made a moat and bailey, the bailey surrounded the castle and anyone wanting to attack would have to maneuver through it. The castle he built would have been dark and cold, but still everyone wanted to live in it because they were well protected against the enemies invading their homeland, but the price was way to expensive for anyone to buy part of the castle.

The Japanese castles were also made of wood and stone but the were more well known for their strategic locations. Still not anyone could live in the castle but in japan their location where set out a bit different, the higher the rank the closer you lived to the castle.

Why Castle building came to an end!

The Castles came to an end when gunpowder was used in weapons.  The use of castles after that then became no use to the medieval people, because even the toughest of any of the castle walls could be taken down with a long range cannon attack.

So to them they would have thought they could save money and resources, from not building these useless castles.

Gunpowder would have given the enemy the upper side when trying to attack a village when everyone was in the safest place… the castle a huge fortress unstoppable to any sword. That’s where the gunpowder comes in. The enemy could attack the castle even before they land their ship. Just with the help of the gunpowder. Then once the reached the land their would be a nice hole in the wall just waiting for them so the could kill everyone and loot everything.

Life in a castle:

Why castles building came to an end:

When and why did castles come into use in Europe:

How long it takes to build a castle:

Who Built the first castle:

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