Feudal System – Tracy Dong

Why was it introduced and when was it introduced?

Feudalism was an exchange of land for military service. The feudal system had an effect of England and Europe the most, it was almost like a pyramid. Fiefs had promised powerful lords to serve them for life, the pyramid of feudalism has this strict pecking order, you had to be either one of the estates. 90% of the people were peasants so you count it up 10% actually had money.  The feudal system was introduced in the Middle Ages which was after the roman empire fell. It was first introduced from King Charlemagne because he needed help on controlling the land and people in the 700s (eighth century) in france. Later in time after the battle of the Hastings and when William the conqueror had defeated Harold, he took the crown of England and changed the face of England for years. William was french and since Charlemagne had introduced it, he decided to introduce it to England. The Feudal system had three estates:

1st estate: The church (pope)

2nd estate: The Royal Family (King, Queen, Prince, Princess, etc.), The Noblemen and  Knights

3rd estate: Merchants and Peasants

The Serfs were not in either of the estates since they were more poor than others. Some other countries had different estates, for example, japan had emperors.

How is the medieval time compared to the modern?

In the medieval times they had royal families, we still have them but the queen of England rules many nations. In the medieval time there were many kings and queens for many other countries. On earth right now we have countries with people starving but with our support we give to the poor, back then no rich men or women had given money to the poor to buy food, we think differently today. Everyone deserves the same rights, we now have prime ministers, mayors, etc.

What did the peasants do after they have made tools and farmed?

Peasants had to give 10% of the food to the church, 90% of the food to the Lord of the land and 10% which they keep to theirselves. They had to do so many work. They made the clothes, food, tools, weapons, etc. They practically even design the clothes, the 1st and 2nd estate didn’t know how to make them so it was all up to the peasants and merchants to make the things, sell or give to the landlord.

Why and how did the Feudal System die out?

The Black Plague/Death had started to spread around the world, it was known that it came from, China but truly came from India and from their rats crawled on to trading ships and it spread around the world. They were coming to a time where the less fortunate people started dying and there was no one to make equipment and things so the feudal system over time went down. Some peasants actually got rich during that time since the rich people had died and someone had to take their role.

The Lord’s land where the peasants live.


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