The Black Death

How did  people try to deal with the Black Death?

People believed that this disease comes from bad smells in the air that we breathe in. Medieval doctors give their patients some flower or herbs to sniff. Doctors also gave them ideas such as burning pine and lemon leaves or to carry pouches filled with herbs or camphor. Some doctors also suggested sniffing human waste. Many plague doctors though that this disease could excrete though sweat, they  suggested drinking hot drinks to the patients.Attaching leaches to patients to bleed them or cut open the black lumps to remove the bad blood was an idea giving to patients from doctors. So they applied leaches to patients in order to get rid of the bad blood. However, leeches did not know the difference between bad and good blood; therefore, they suck out the good blood as well as the bad blood. They even believed that church bells ring and cannons are fired in the hope that these noises might cure people.

Is it not a problem today? If so, why?

Black death is not a major problem anymore. However, in the 1300s the black death killed nearly one-third of Europe. There are about 1ooo to 3000 cases of Plague each year now, according to the World Health Organization. This disease mainly come from Middle East, China, Southwest and Southeast Asia. Medieval doctors didn’t know that much about bacteria and medicines. But now doctors know much more and came up with many new things. Medieval streets was disgusting . Streets now days are much cleaner and there is no sewage on streets anymore. People have became more cleaner and more smarter, therefore black death is not as dangerous as it was before. Doctors before didn’t have a cure, but now they invented something to cure this disease. Therefore Black Death is not a  big problem anymore.

How did the Black Death start?

People back then thought God made the Black Death to punish them. However, this is not true. The black death started because of how unhygienic they were. The streets were disgusting and revoting. There was human wastes everywhere. People back then did not know much about hygienic. They were unclean and had no idea what bacteria can do to them. There was rats everywhere and no one cared. This kind of behaviour caused the Black Death to start.

Why do Victims smell so bad?

Victims had  a foul odor, which smelled terrible right before they died. Because of their bad smell “Pocket full of posy” Rhyme was made. In this poem it said that scented posy flowers were stuffed in their pockets to cover the smell. They had bad breathe which is what mainly caused them to smell so horrible. Another reason was because plague causes hemhorraging of the lungs , then death. The smell also comes from human waste that is everywhere on the streets. They dumped human waste everywhere. Medieval people didn’t have baths often and they didn’t brush they teeth. Foul Odor did cause them to stink a lot. Rotten organs, infection on skins and lungs was the sign for foul odor.

What was the Black Death Cycle

The black death have a cycle. This cycle shows how a victim gets this disease and how it dies.  People back then did not know about this disease, they simply believed that this disease came from bad smells. This is one of the reasons why so many people got this disease. However, doctors had found on cure to this disease nowadays.

The Black death Cycle starts with flea drinks a infected rat’s blood. Then the flea carries the bacteria and it multiply in the flea’s gut. The flea’s gut gets clogged with bacteria. The flea stay with the rats until it die. The flea then bites a human, and the human will be infected. At last the Human gets sick and would die eventually.

If only people back then would be a bit more cleaner than the Black Death would not have happened.

Life cycle of the Black Plague, as the bubonic plague is sometimes called.

photo.JPGThis shows the sick patients

photo.JPG a whole view of the diorama

photo.JPG a rat that caused many people sick

photo.JPG some herbs that made the room smell better

photo.JPGfire to keep the place warm


Christine Wang 8C- Black Death

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