The Black Death-jessica huang

How did people try to deal with black death?

Why do fleas only let go of they victim of black death once they are deadThe black death was a serious disease. it killed 1.5 million people out of an estimated total of  4 million. The black death was caused by fleas carried by rats. The fleas bit the poor victims which  gave them the disease. It was mainly the peasant that got the disease. There was many cures but none of them had worked. People believed that the black death comes from the bad smells in the air. The doctors gave flower or herbs to the patient to sniff on. The doctors encouraged people to burn pine and lemon leaves to carry around. Some Doctors had even suggested to them, to sniff some human wastes. A few doctors told their patients to bleed themselves and let the bad blood go away. Church bells rings and cannons are fired hoping that these noises will cure the black death……… which it didn’t work.

  Was the medicine useful?

The medicine used then was very basic. It did not help at all and was limited. People believed that these illness was a punishment from God for being bad by being a sinner. Medicines in the middle ages were made from herbs, spices and resins. The medicine was applied in drinks, pills, washes, baths, rubs, poultices, purges and ointments. Nobody really knew what was causing them to get this disease. When people had these disease they stink and these stink made them had head aches. Head pains were treated with sweet, nice smelling herbs such as lavender, sage and bay.A mixture of henbane and hemlock were applied to aching joints, these was told that it reduces the fever. This method did not work because the fever was so high you could feel it steaming from your head, so that trick would not work.

The black death- religion 

During the middle ages people were given a chance to confess their sins before they’re died. They were not enough clergy to offer last rites or given support and help those poor victims that will die soon. The situation soon gotten worse, it was so bad that Pope Clement VI was forced to grant remissions of sins to all who died of the Black death. NObody wanted to go to ‘hel’, because they believed that it was a place where you’ll get tortured. They believed that heaven was a place where you’ll get looked after and helped from people. The monks and nuns was helpers from the Pope. The jobs of the Nuns and Monks was to help people. Victims were allowed to confess their sins to one another.

How did Ring around the Rosie impacted on the black death.

Ring around the Rosie is a children’s song sung with smiling and laughing faces….. but did you know the true meaning of the nursery rhyme.

Here are what the lyrics mean:Ring around the rosie means the black sores that would appear on your body as part of the plague. Your “rosie” is the centre of your hand.

A pocket full of posies is for people who carried  posies (flowers) around to not smell the sickening scent of dead bodies everywhere.

Ashes Ashes signifies the ashes from all the bodies being burned on pyres.Means that bodies couldn’t be buried  or else the infection would spread.

We all fall down signifies death or people falling down to hell.

  The Diorama 

 photo.JPG the whole view of the diorama

photo.JPGnaughty rat…….. caused everyone to get sick. 

photo.JPGa sick patient

 photo.JPGa medieval doctor


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