The Hundred Year War

100 Year War

The hundred year was fought from 1337-1452. During this period England and the whole of Europe was under what is known as the miniature ice age. This caused famine in the area and killed a substantial a portion of Europe. The war had made this conditions even harder as the army had to be fed and invasions would throw everything off centre. The invasions were mainly carried out by the r mainly carried out by the army. The war killed many civilians and left cities damaged and most of the country in ruins.

During this period France and England had two different approaches to power. In France the monarchs we gaining power whereas in England the parliament was starting to be astablished further into their culture. The battles found a decrease in the feudal as money started to be more available to the community and instead of having the traditional fief money would be paid. England lost interest in the French cities they had control of. This was because it would be very hard to take charge over the sea between England and France.

The Hundred Year War is consisted of not one long standing war but a series of battles during the period between 1337-1452.

The First battle is the battle of Cadsand it was used by the English to provoke the Flemish people and raise the confidence of King Edward the III. This also gave him and his allies a boost of morale with the easy victory.

The First major battle over the French throne was The Battle of Crecy (26, Aug 1346). This battle was fought on French soil with the English killing the entire French army. The battle ended with the English army plumaging through France and defeating and concurring the town of Crecy.

The Battle of Poiters occured in (19, Sept 1356). England was attempting to take over the throne of France. This happened after the death King Phillip VI (died from the Black Plague). King John had taken over and was advancing to killing Edward (the Black prince) and defeating his army. The French army fought on foot whereas the English army was mainly led by archers. The French army were forced by the archers to get off their horseback and travel on foot as the height of the horse made them easy targets. English won this battle.Battle of Poitiers

The Battle of Castillon (1453)  This battle was the last main battle of the hundred year war. This battle was fought with the French army besieging the town of Castillon. This Battle actually occured just outside the walls of Castillon as where the English army were charging. The English troops were met with a wall of arrows/bullets and cannon fire. The Battle ended with the French troops killing the remaining men of the English army.

Who led the Major battles in the 100 Year War?

  • The battle of Crecy– England was led by Edward and his son the black prince – France was led by Phillip VI who was the king of France.
  • The Battle of Pointers– England was led By Edward (the black prince) who positioned his men on a ridge shooting arrows into the French army (7000 Men). His men mainly consisted of highly trained fighters including veterans from Crecy. France was led by King John who made his men travel on foot across the battle field against the English. The French had an army of roughly 35000 men.
  • The Battle of Castillon– England was led by Talbot who led a small army of 3000 men. The French was led by Charles VII of France had an army of 7000-10000 men.

What were considered as a Holy war?

A war was considered as a holy war if it was fought for the church. These wars would be signed off by the pope and sometimes would allow the soldiers to believe that since this war was fought for God and confirmed by the Pope that they may have life in heaven after death.

Battle of Crecy

Battle Of Crecy              English Vs France

The Battle of Crecy
English Army- Archers and Warriors

The Battle of Crecy
French Army- Warriors

English Vs France



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