Black Death by Chloe Vasquez

what were its effects?

very high fever this would include the victim getting very hot very easily in the head and red in the face. another symptom is extreme delirium this includes the victim getting very upset at nothing or even getting very excited for no reason at all and in a very dangerous way putting others in harm’s way. The third symptom was vomiting this include the victim devouring what they had eaten either the previous day/s or the current day. This next symptom was muscle pains this includes the victim having loads of pains in the muscle this pain was  so intense that the victim couldn’t even move around normally. Another symptom was bleeding in the lungs so this symptom sort of relates to one of the previous symptoms vomiting, as the victim is vomiting blood is shooting out at the same time another way for the victim is to violently cough. This symptom was one of the weirdest symptoms this was being super aware the thing is that they lose sence of their position and sence of direction but at the same time they are super aware of what is going on around them. This is one of the last symptoms of the ‘BLACK DEATH’ this symptom included the victim’s body swelling up in four main places neck, armpits, legs and groin. This is the last but probably most important symptom of the ‘BLACK DEATH’ this symptom included red dots appearing all over these dots would appear any time and anywhere these dots were quite painful they usually appeared black or purple or even both.

as shown below

How it spread-

The black death was a disease that people caught. The fleas had bad  bacteria and they travelled in the fur of rats, when the fleas took blood from  rats and humans they transferred the disease from people who had the black death. The fleas and rats were the cause of  the disease the black death.


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