Feudal System in Europe by Jordan M.

The Feudal System Questions

Q1. What is a Feudal System?

A1. The Feudal System was a form of Government that relied on the trade of land for military service. It was divided into three groups. The first group was the Church (for those who prayed). The second part was the Nobility (those who fought = Knights). The third part was the Peasantry (everyone else who made food for people in part 1 and 2).

Q2. Why was the Feudal System introduced?

A2. The reason for the Feudal system being introduced was because William the Conqueror had won the battle against Harold Godwineson and now had a lot more land. With this land he could now exchange it for military service, taxes and prayers.

Q3. When was the Feudal system introduced toEnglandand how did it change the governance of the country.

A3. The Feudal system was introduced in England in 1066, after the battle of Hastings. The Feudal system had two main government affects. The first one was discouraging everyone working together by having people try to earn their own land. The second one did not encourage trade and economic growth.

Q4. Why and how did the Feudal system die out?

A4. There were many reasons why the Feudal system collapsed. They were:

-England had changed from a land system to a money system

-Travelling had opened more doors and options

-The Black Death had reduced the population

-Peasants had requested changes

-kings took back their land and power

-A centralised government was created

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