How bad was punishment in the Middle Ages?

When a person was found guilty of a certain crime, the person would be punished by experiencing torture. torture in the middle ages was the penalty for a break in medieval justice.

There were many different kinds of torture that provided a serious amount of pain, agony and humiliation. These range from small amounts of pain to death.The main point of torture was to scare and intimidate citizens into not breaking the law. It was also used for revenge and punishment. These treatments were  designed to enforce their rules or to get the truth out of someone.

If you were wondering how bad was the torture, the truth is that the torture was inhumane and deadly. An example of this is the Iron Maiden. The victim is placed in side a coffin that is filled with sharp metal spikes that are designed to thrust in the person’s body and will miss the vital organs to prolong the pain and agony of the victim. This is just one example of the heartless torture medieval folk would experience if they broke the law.

Compared to most civilizations during this time period. It was obvious to see that the punishment system the medieval town had offered were very wrong.

Medieval torture was stopped in 1640, hundreds of years after two speeches from the pope complaining about  the devilish ways the citizens used to get people to confess about the truth.


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