Hundred Year War – Josh Murley

Why did this conflict come to an end?

The war started when England wanted to claim power over France and France refused to let this happen which then led into one Hundred Years of War. This War didn’t exactly go for one hundred years it went for about one hundred and sixteen years, which means it should be called the one hundred and sixteen years of war. The war was ended when it was clear that no more help was coming from England. Bordeaux surrender in October, 1453, to pay a fine to Calais as the last English possession in France. An English army once again landed in France in 1475. Louis bribed it to go back. The long war as built a strong antagonism between England and France which has lasted since the war ended in 1453. The kings of England still claim to be the Kings of France.

What were some consequences of the war – what were its lasting effects?

The Hundred Years War caused misery over the French. lands were burnt, the population was killed off, and also the Black Death. Civil wars and local wars started there destruction. The destruction of the nobility allowed Charles VII, Louis XI to bring them together. But after the war a new France evolved. The main consequences for england was that they had to many people out fighting in the war that they didn’t have anyone back home growing crops and looking after there crops.

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