The Crusades

How did contact between Western European and Islamic culture effect both of them and what lasting affect did the crusade have?

   The loss of life during the crusade is around 4,000,000 (though there are split ideas about this), but the effects of the crusades were more deep than just loss of life. The effects that the crusade had on the European society were rather large. The crusades brought lots of wealth to Europe. With many nobles and knights leaving on the crusades and not returning, their land and wealth went to the crown. The Church gained more and more power throughout the conflicts as more people began to believe in Christ. Men from all over England came to fight in the crusades because they believed that returning Jerusalem to Christianity would redeem themselves and earn a place in the book of life. Because of this, the church acquired more followers in their cause. Feudalism could not be sustained any longer because of the lack of noble men and lesser clergy’s to keep influence over the people. The constant growth of power of the crown also made it unnecessary for feudalism to be used. The effect on Muslim society was little and hardly any change was made to their society or their religion. The Muslims saw the crusaders as nothing more than invaders. But there were good things that would not have started if the crusade hadn’t happen. For example many people came to Christ because of the crusade. Another example is when the crusaders needed transport, ship building was increased and because the crusaders passed through different countries to get to the Holy city, they encountered many different cities and ports, opening up European trade routes, transporting silk, ivory, perfumes and precious medals around Europe.

How has the crusade affected Christian/Muslim relationship?

   There is no denying that there are still disputes over who had “won” the crusades and who should be the rightful owners of the Holy city of Jerusalem. This is not to say that Muslims and Christians have never got along, there has been times when both religions have come together for example when Francis of Assisi a Christian who went to Jerusalem during the crusades to talk peace and even though he wasn’t successful he was still treated well. Many believe that the crusades were the cause of the opposition between the Christian and Muslim religions.

Why is Jerusalem so important?

   For the Muslims it is the place where Muhammad is said to have risen to heaven, here is where the Muslims built the dome of the rock for their place of worship. For Christians it is the place where Jesus Christ was crucified. 


The diorama depicts the crusader’s attack of the Holy city of Jerusalem which occurred between June 7 and July 15 in the year 1099. It shows a battle between a crusader and a Muslim warrior, outside the city walls of Jerusalem.



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  1. Lys Avra says:

    Interesting. It’d be interesting to hear a more detailed account of the effect of the middle ages on Christian-Muslim relations; most of the sources I find on it are rather scant in their discriptions.