QUESTION 1 – How did cathedral designs change over time during the Middle Ages?

In the Middle Ages, cathedral designs changed over time. The first cathedrals in the Middle Ages were based on the looks of the old Roman basilica. The first churches looked like these basilicas. Because the churches were built in the style of the old Roman basilica, over time cathedrals were built in the Romanesque style, cathedrals were a lot bigger than the churches. The people started to build in Gothic style because the Romanesque style cost so much to build because of the high need of stone blocks. Stone blocks were a lot cheaper than everything else. The difference between these two types of cathedrals was that Romanesque had a round arch, but Gothic had a pointed arch.

QUESTION 2 – When was the first cathedral built?

The Echmiadzin Cathedral is the first cathedral to be built. It is located in Armenia. This cathedral was one of the most important cathedral to the people in the middle ages.

QUESTION 3 – How long did it take to build a cathedral in the middle ages?

In the middle ages, it would’ve taken a long time to build a cathedral with the limitations of their tools. It took between 25 – 600 years to build a cathedral. Obviously if it took 600 years to build it was more detailed than other cathedrals. These days people don’t build many cathedrals at all.

QUESTION 4 – Why did people in the medieval times love the cathedrals so much, why were they so important?

People didn’t build cathedrals in towns or villages, but they were built in cities because they’re important. Cathedrals were so important to people in the middle ages because their religion was so important to them. Cathedrals is where people come to worship god and if their religion was so important why not go to a cathedral where the main purpose of the building is to worship God.


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The diorama is made how it is because some of the first cathedrals weren’t as big as they are now and had limied resourses. There is 2 pillars in the front for a big opening like cathedrals had in the Middle Ages. The structures were very square but very tall.