The Crusades

Describe the successes and failures of the various crusades.

The first crusade was the most successful crusade out of all nine. They army of the First Crusade were able to capture Jerusalem in 1099 destroying cities and slaughtering men, women and children without any mercy.

They Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth were all failures but the Sixth Crusade achieved some small amount of success. Though, both Seventh and Eighth Crusades were also complete failures.

When and why did the crusades stop?

The crusades finally ended in 1270 because the crusading spirit had faded away and they lost interest in gaining back the Holy Land. The men who were part of the Crusades had started to concentrate more on their current responsibilities. The crusades also ended because they were unable to keep power over a long period of time in the areas that they had tried to recapture.

How did they start?

For a while, Jerusalem had been owned by the Muslims, but only let the Christian pilgrims stay because they supported and helped the wealth and resources. But in the 1070’s, some Muslims took over the Holy Land and treated Christians badly. They also threatened the Byzantine Empire which made Emperor Alexius request the Pope for help in which he eventually did.

Who started them?

Pope Urban II and the Byzantine Emperor Alexius Comnenus started the Crusades. The Byzantine Emperor Alexius Comnenus urged the Pope to send help to fight against the armies of Muslim Turks. On November 27, the Pope asked the assembly of warriors of Europe to free the Holy Land from the Muslims. The reply from the assembly was incredibly beneficial, therefore starting the first of many crusades against the Muslim Turks.

Who was involved in the Crusades?

Both Christians and Muslims were involved in the Crusades. The Christians wanted the Holy Land after it was invaded by the Turks. At the start, the Turks only wanted more land giving the reason why they invaded the Holy Land, but they didn’t like the presence of Christians in the city, so they persecuted them wherever they could be found which led to the start of the crusades.



This diorama shows the First Crusade where Jerusalem was captured.


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