The Church and its influence

  • The inside of the Catholic church and what it probalby looked like

The priest talking about God in the front of the church.

The stain glass windows the church would have had inside of the church.

The front of the Catholic Church(what it might have looked like).

Describe the role of the church in the middle ages.

Medieval church played a huge role in middle Ages, in which it was completely in control over the people. The church was the highest land owner and also the only way the people believed you could go to heaven. The Church provided services beyond those that were purely spiritual. This was partly because it was important for Christians to be charitable. The result was that Church organizations provided hospital care, medicines, care for orphans, education, safe lodgings for travellers, and safe places where people who wanted to live out their lives in contemplation and prayer could do so, the monasteries and convents. The church was one of the first to start universities. The universities consisted of one bible and teachers that the students would pay for their education.

The church in the medieval times played a huge role in society. It was completely in control over the people in that time. The church was the highest land owner as well as being the first ones to start a university. The church workers were honest, caring and dedicated people, who spent their lives serving the poor and the sick. This love that the church people show is demonstrated when the black plague hit all of Europe, in this time of need; the church went into action to try and help as much as they could. Unlike some other church workers who were corrupt and only interested in themselves and their wellbeing.Peasants in that time were forced to work for the church without getting paid. Tithes also had to be paid to the church and if you didn’t have enough money you would have to give livestock. The people of the medieval time believed the church could cleanse their soul and then they could go to heaven, and not have to rot and burn in hell. Spiritually it is only through a nun or priest is it that you are forgiven of you sins and can then enter the holy realm of heaven.

  • Does today’s church affect the world as much as in the medieval time?

When compared to the middle ages the church doesn’t have such a big impact on the world as it did back then. Because in the medieval ages, the from a young age you were taught to fear hell, and the only way you could avoid going to hell after you die is by tuning to the Catholic Church. In contrast to church in the medieval ages, the church does affect the world but not as much, because not everyone is a Christian and believes in God. In our world today we are free to believe in other religions the church back then didn’t really have that option, for them it was – be Christian and go to heaven or don’t be a Christian and rot in hell-. Now a day’s we have the free will to do what we want to do and believe in what we want. If you decide to leave the church in this century, it’s ok because it’s your choice. But back then if you left the church you are guaranteed a place in hell. The Church was probably the most powerful; authorize organization in Europe during the middle Ages. It guided most aspects of society in one way or another. But the main way it guided society back then was spiritually.

How did people in the medieval time respect the church?The people in the middle ages respected the church by attending weekly services and helping in serving the church.  The people in the Middle Ages where serious and mature about God and Christianity and did not joke about the church and its power. The people also gave 10% of what they earn in a year (tithes and offering), so they can make the church have a better environment, (gardening and taking care of the land God has blessed them with). The people of the church followed Gods word and didn’t dare do the opposite of what they have been told. The church was respected because the people fear the church and the judgment the pass down on them, to see if they are worthy enough to go to heaven and live in glory. This is why the people follow Gods word so that they could do what is right in Gods eyes.

what are some positive effects of the church?

  •  The church was one of the first to start universities
  • The church workers were honest, caring and dedicated people
  • Guided society spiritualy.
  • Church organizations provided:
  • hospital care medicines
  •  care for orphans
  • education
  • safe lodgings for travelers
  • and safe places where people who wanted to live out their lives in contemplation and prayer could do so in the monasteries and convents.
  • Shows genuine care to the people of that era.
  • Teaches people about Gods word and shows them how to live their life the way he wants.