The Church and its influence

What were the different roles that were available within the Church?

The main roles of the church were: the pope, the bishop, the priest, nuns and monks. The Bishops were the leaders of the church, but above them was the Pope. The Bishops collected the taxes and were often very rich. The Pope was the one who is in charge of the church and is also very wealthy. Monks copied manuscripts, and both nuns and monks looked after the sick and the poor and gave hospitality to travellers. Some monks and nuns were scholars and very academic. The priest provided care for the community and offered spiritual guidance for those who needed it.

Describe some of the negative influences that the Medieval Church had within its community.

The medieval church played a far bigger role than the church does today. In medieval ages the church dominated everyone’s life. The peasants spent all their time working on the churches land for free. This wasted all the time that they could have been working their own land or taking care of their families and spending time with them. 10% of what they earned a year, they had to pay to the church as a tax. This was one of the reasons why the church was so wealthy, also, the church didn’t have to pay any taxes.

What did the holy order wear in the church?

Bishops were the most respected people of the church therefore they wore the most luxurious garments available. Most of the holy orders wore long woolen cloaks or habits. The monks wore a simpler habit than the priests. They always wore something to cover up their head because they thought it was disrespectful and dishonorable. People could tell the order by what colour the habit. The Benedictines wore black clothing; the Cistercians would wear neutral or white wool. St. Benedict thought that a monk’s clothes should be simple but comfortable. They wore a brown robe with hoods on their heads to keep them warm.

This diorama shows what the Church in the Medieval ages looked like. THe stained glass window represents stories from the bible. The chairs are where the people sit and the pew at the front is where the priest stand to share God’s word.

This is a close up of my diorama of the Church in Medieval Ages with the bible and cross on the pew and the stained glass window in the back.












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