Life in a Castle

Castle life was for poor and rich people, peasants knew they were protected so they had to choose the safety of a castle although it had cost quite a lot it was either they had a possibility of dying or getting raped or they could be safe and pay a lot. The Castle life would have been quite dull in the early middle ages. It was basically a large stone building with countless small rooms lit dimly with narrow windows. These houses would be all crammed together and the streets would be narrow and smelly because of people would just chuck their rubbish down and before they do it they say “look out below!” This wouldn’t matter if u were a king down to a peasant if you didn’t move then too bad for you because they had warned you already so keep your ears open, the medieval rubbish normally contained of normally food scraps, bodies, toilet gunk etc.

There were strength and weakness to a castle, its strength would be it hard to take down from the outside but the inside can be taken down easily. Fire could take down about all castles because houses were made of wood and its paint was easily flammable as well as that the houses were very close to one another that the fire would just jump from each house.

The Castle’s population would have been large and would be very crowded in the markets and the narrow streets,  it contains 90% of peasants and 10% are rich and royalty, this would be a good place for a quick and agile thief with a knife to just cut and be gone with your purse or your wallet. There were consequences for these actions which would be that you would be hanged until you were dead and leave you for the birds to come and peck off your flesh and leave you at the Castle doors; this signifies that if you dare commit this crime this is what happens.

How Castles Ended

The way Castles ended was when the invention of the cannon appeared and the soldiers didn’t stand a chance, neither did the castle walls. Compared to Trebuchets, Catapults and Ballistas, cannons were easier to prepare for war and was easy to fire and aim. Castles also ended when the people had made new inventions which then took place of electricity and the use of castle were no longer needed. The rich and the peasants started to move out to find new land because the wars were coming to an end. Castles are now used as a tourist attraction; it is also a historical period of time that changed the lives of many people that live in England, France and other European countries.

Extra Questions

Schools and Universities

Schools or Universities first started by the church or monasteries, the church or monasteries would teach them Latin hymns reading writing, music, and courtesy for their future live. Only the rich could go to Universities and schools, some of the rich fathers would either pay tutors to help with their studies or they would teach them how to be wife and know how to manage a household. Some Universities were created by students, although it took two years it was worth it because it is still being used as a University such as The University of Cambridge and The University of Oxford, but the first few Universities appeared in 1088 when the first European University was opened it is called The University of Bologna, the second university in Europe was the University of Paris in France. Some noble boys would either be a knight or a mater crafts man to trade his goods.

Knights and Knighthood

Knights were only for the Rich and noble men because the armor of a knight would cost at least a week of food for the poor. There are three steps in order to be a knight, First you have to serve a lord as a page (personal servant to run documents for the lord) which you would have to be a young boy form the age of seven to ten, then at the age of fourteen to twenty-one you would be a squire to a knight, this means you have to bring him water when he is in need of it. You also have to put on the armor for the knight because it is very hard to put it on when the armor restricts the knight’s movement. The Third and final part is when you are knighted by the Queen or King that they would say I dub thee Sir William or your first name, but if you were to become a knight you have to pledge loyalty to protect your woman and to also be ready to go to war.