Question 1.  Why did this conflict begin? Why was it fought?

The Hundred years War simply began as a disagreement between the two kings of England and France, William the Conqueror, who was the current king of England, was also the duke of Normandy, thus meaning he also had to pay homage to the king of France.  Edward (William’s successor) refused to pay homage to the current king of France (Philip VI of France) which then caused Philip to take back the French land owned by William. This was then followed by Edward declaring himself, not Philip, the rightful king of France, because that Charles IV of France had died without a successor. A claim for the succession had been made for Edward through the right of his mother Isabella, daughter of Philip IV. But the son of Philip IV’s younger brother, Charles of Valois, had been made king.

Question 2. Describe the key battles and personalities of this conflict.

There were many battles during the length of The Hundred Years War, but some of which had determined the tides or changes of the war. Some of which include;

  • The battle of Crécy 1346
  • The Battle of Poitiers 1356
  • Battle of La Rochelle 1372
  • Battle of Agincourt 1415
  • Siege of Orléans 1428-1429

The Main players within this war:

  • Jeanne d’Arc or as some know was, Joan of Arc.
  • La hire, military captain who went on many Battles with Joan.
  • Dauphin, or King Charles VII.
  • Edward, the Black Prince 1330-1376 Son of Edward III.

Question 3.  How and When did the war come to an end?

The French Achieved victory in the years of 1429-1453, the war only ever came to an end when the population of France knew of the trail of Joan. So the French lords began to search for peace with the English and the Burgundian.

Question 4. What kind of weaponry would the English and French armies use against each other?

The French and English armies were very similar on it’s state of weaponry, but at different battles, the English used mounted cavalry against the French which caused them to lose on most of the key battles against the English. The weapons commonly used by the armies of both sides where; swords, knights on horseback, catapults, spears and bows.



Joan of Arc when she was burnt at the stake.Joan of Arc when She was burnt at the stake.