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What is the difference between brutal justice and torture?

What is the difference between brutal justice and torture?

Brutal justice was to make justice between people. It was very much
like torture, except it was instant. Torture would not kill the victim instantly;
instead, it would be slow and painful. It the victim was lucky, they would be
beheaded, but most suffered being hung, drawn and quartered. Brutal justice was
to give the victim their rightful treatment that they deserved.

Some forms of torture were:
.head crusher


.iron maiden

.hanging cage
.peine forte et dure(heavy weights)

The head crusher would slowly skull, bones and teeth.

The thumbscrew would crush thumbs to a pulp.

The rack was to stretch bones and joints apart.

The iron maiden had spikes which poked into you.

The peine forte et dure(rocks and weights) were to be piled on
top of you so that they would crush you.

The witches were blamed for heaps if different things including bad
harvests, death of children, accidents and sickness. If she lived alone had a
physical disability or weird habits, she was accused of being a witch and would
be sent to get tortured. Apparently people thought that the witch was
worshiping the devil and they greatly feared that.

The women accused would be put in a closed barrel, then set on fire and
then it would be rolled in the waters so that she would drown.

To be effective, torture had to be slow and extremely painful.


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